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1,300-pound shark caught off Huntington Beach could be record #SurfReport #Fishing

  VIA – LA TIMES Kent Williams, owner of New Fishall Bait Co., stands

Yes to renewables, no to oil drilling in Canaries. We have the power.

Yes to renewables, no to oil drilling in Canaries. We have the power. The

Shawn Dollar’s wave certified by Guinness Book of World Records as biggest ever paddle-surfed #SantaCruz #SurfReport

VIA – SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL Shawn Dollar surfs his record wave at Cortes Bank.

Disabled killer whale with missing fins survives with the help of family who hunt for its food

VIA – DAILY MAIL UK   Rainer Schimpf spotted the whale off Port Elizabeth

Island man needs extensive surgery after smashing into whale

CTV British Columbia Published Sunday, May 19, 2013 7:48PM PDT A Campbell River man

Honeymoon Shark Attack: Man Killed While Surfing Off Reunion Island In France (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) #SurfReport

VIA – HUFF POST   The Huffington Post  |  By Sara Gates Posted: 05/08/2013

UPDATE: Dead naked surfer with apparent shark attack wounds washes up near San Diego beach #SurfReport

  Lt. John Everhart of San Diego Lifeguard Services briefs reporters on the case

All eyes on #SantaCruz thanks to surfers Nat Young, Shawn Dollar #SurfReport

By Amy Larson     Nat Young is seen during a recent surf sesh

PHOTOS: Rare Shark Spotted Off La Jolla Coast #SurfReport #SmileyTheShark

Sevengill shark has been seen by San Diego divers By Steven Luke and Sarah

Facebook feeding frenzy over ‘pathetic’ shark story

VIA -  THE BORDER MAIL http://youtu.be/GeAgRWMVHiQ By Jillian McHugh April 24, 2013, 4 a.m.