Hurricane Irene: Surfer Killed in Virginia Beach Due to Storm


Hurricane Irene: Surfer Killed in Virginia Beach Due to Storm

August 26, 2011 11:40 PM EDT

Hurricane Irene hasn’t arrived in Virginia yet, but already one death is being attributed to the massive storm. According to reports on the Weather Channel, a surfer in Virginia Beach was killed by a monster wave. Why is it that surfers love hurricanes so much?

Despite the lure to surf the massive waves a hurricane brings to shore, it’s best to stay ashore and stay indoors during a hurricane. Apparently, this surfer decided to venture out into the water during one of the worst hurricanes to hit the East Coast in decades. Sadly, that decision cost him his life and caused his family a lot of pain.

As Hurricane Irene barrels towards the Northeast, surfers and residents should be aware and stay indoors where it is safe. Don’t go in the water no matter how great the surf might be. It may look like an amazing adrenaline rush but it’s a seriously dangerous and stupid thing to do!

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    The Weather Channel story refers to a surfer in New Smyrna Beach, Florida…