Encinitas News: Cardiff Kook abducted this morning at 7:00 am!

Encinitas News: Cardiff Kook abducted this morning at 7:00 am!

By Chris Nomad

13 August 2011

What appears to be the most elaborate stunt so far, this morning at 7:00 am the Cardiff Kook was abducted as reported by the crew at Sacred Craft Expo and Jeff “Baldy” Baldwin earlier today…see photo for the horrific details:

It’s been a tough year for the kook, just last month having to have been repaired by it’s original artist only to have it dressed up several times since, including below last Saturday as a hot sexy waitress from the restaurant chain “Hooters:”

The out of touch local government has been pleading with the Cardiff-by-the-Sea citizens to stop messing with the kook, but the locals have their own opinions of how the city government has been handling themselves lately, first by accepting the statue to represent the city (although the artists intentions were in the right place, he could have designed a better representation without a doubt), and how they have handled the beautiful mural “Surfing Madonna” which the locals loved. The city proclaimed the art as “graffiti,” demanding it’s removal and adding insult to everyone involved, fined the artist as well! Many see the spat between the people of Cardiff and the local government as a microcosm for the sentiments felt on a larger scale in the United States, the out of touch government and people they are supposed to represent. Here’s how many locals responded to such government nonsense:

It doesn’t look like there is peace in store for the Kook any time soon but with occasions like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas on the near horizon you can be sure that we haven’t seen or heard the last of the Cardiff Kook!

For just some of the Cardiff Kook stunts, check out the photos of the Kook as Oprah, Jesus, Cupid, an Aztecan Warrior and more!:


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