Garrett McNamara Talks About His World Record Breaking 90 ft Wave Ride (Exclusive Video)


Garrett McNamara Talks About His World Record Breaking 90 ft Wave Ride (Exclusive Video)

Nov 11, 2011

It’s looking like Garrett McNamara broke a world record when he rode a ninety foot wave in Portugal two days ago. He called in to talk to Ron Bennington about it today on the Ron and Fez Show on SiriusXM satellite radio.

Ron Bennington: Garrett how are you buddy?

Garrett McNamara: I’m good. Luckily I’m still here on earth!

Ron Bennington: In hindsight, was this a really bad idea now that you think about it?

Garrett McNamara: No, it was pretty comfortable for me. That’s where I feel like I belong, in the ocean with giant waves.

Ron Bennington: How does one work their way up to a ninety foot wave. When did you say I can ride the big ones?

Garrett McNamara: I was about 17 when I first got the passion to ride big waves, and then at about 22 it evolved into giant waves. And I’m 44 now so …it took awhile.

Ron Bennington: But even after 20 years, you see a ninety foot wave, and you’re scared to death…

Garrett McNamara: I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t afraid at all. Not one single bit on that wave…because I didn’t realize it was ninety feet.

Ron Bennington: Dude, I’m scared looking at the YouTube of this. It’s frightening.

Garrett McNamara: Yea I think its more frightening looking at it than it was riding it.

Ron Bennington: Now did you have to be towed into that wave? How did you get out there?

Garrett McNamara: We got towed from a jet ski.

Ron Bennington: And then, that has to be precision right?

Garrett McNamara: Yes, you’ve got to be working like a well oiled machine when the ocean’s that ferocious. I mean, it can be heaven or it can quickly be hell.

Ron Bennington: And that guy, that jet skier, where is he once you take off on the wave?

Garrett McNamara: He turns out the back, and then you go down and he follows you. If you make it, then he’s right there to get you. If you eat it, then he’s got to try to find you, and hope that he can find you before it’s too late.

Ron Bennington: That’s just frightening, this is madness. Now to break the record by..what was it thirteen feet?

Garrett McNamara: Whew I don’t know. They’re calling it that big…

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