Klamath River whale hit by boat – Dottie's pissed!

Get em Dottie!


Klamath River whale update for 8-14-2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It has happened! A collision between a boat of onlookers and Mama (see photo). The “accident” was seen by everyone on the bridge and it’s not certain whether Mama was hurt. The boat quickly left, but to everyone’s dismay, soon returned so the occupants could take more photos!

Please people, stay away from her! It’s important to remember that the Marine Mammal Protection Act states that individuals should be 100 yards from a marine mammal – that means Mama. Many people and boaters are not adhering to that Act. If you see anyone within 100 yards of her or harassing her, please call NOAA Law Enforcement and report it. Their number is 800-853-1964.

For Dottie’s full post go here:


Here’s an update post, the whale died the next night…terrible:

Yes it’s horrible…http://surftweeters.com/klamath-river-whale-dies-after-months-stranded-in-northern-california/

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One thought on “Klamath River whale hit by boat – Dottie's pissed!

  1. And then she favored her fin for a day, beached herself on a sandbar the next evening and was dead by the following morning. Shame on these people. I wish the authorities would hit them with a stiff penalty.

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