Quiksilver Pro Surfer Julian Wilson Talks Girls, Sharks and his HD Surf Flick, Scratching the Surface


Quiksilver Pro Surfer Julian Wilson Talks Girls, Sharks and his HD Surf Flick, Scratching the Surface
By Lugi Tadini

Aussie pro-surfer Julian Wilson, 21, has been hitting the waves since the day he was born. His insatiable drive has landed him a slew of sponsors, numerous wins in pro junior competitions and the acclaimed ISA World Junior Championship title. In 2009, the young athlete to some time off the competition circuit to travel the globe and checkout some of the world’s perfect surf spots for his new full-length surf movie, Scratching the Surface. Over the weekend, during the US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach, PAPERMAG sat down with the surfing prodigy for an exclusive chat.

What’s your first vivid surf memory?

Probably the first thing that comes to mind is my dad taking me out when I was three on
the nose of his long board and pushing me out onto the open-faced waves. I used to freak
out. He loved to scare me, but I always wanted to go back. I don’t know what was wrong
with me. From the first experiences being scared like that, I some how got the drive to
keep wanting to do it.

At the age of nine, you picked up your first sponsor. Both of your older brothers
surf, were they a little jealous?

My two older brothers were competing on long boards at the time and doing pretty well — they were sponsored by a big surf brand. The company invited my two brothers for a photo shoot. I tagged along and they thought I was this funny little blond-headed toddler and decided to include me in this family package.

Like the von Trapp family of surfing?

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