Slater is Hellboy


Slater is Hellboy

Submitted by Rusty on September 25, 2011 – 7:27 PM

Kelly Slater has ten world titles under his belt and is closing in on the eleventh which is an amazing stat considering that he’s what… like 57 now… Oh the power of Coconut Water… There are those that were writing the champ off with each new generation of surfers. That wasn’t a bright idea as he continues to surf at a level that only Timothy Leary could understand. So he’s now been surfing for like 5 or 6 decades and still digs a rail deeper than a mafia soldier digs a grave. Some can remember when Slater charged Waimea with Greg Noll back in the 1960s. Oh yeah, those shorts that Noll wore that looked like prison stripes…

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