Surf Fridays!

Summer is here. Let’s say you want to do something different. Something wild and beautiful. How about a road trip to Big Sur, California?

There is so much beauty in Big Sur, it is nearly overwhelming, in a good way. Do you like the sound of staying in a rustic (yet spotless) cabin along the Big Sur river? Ripplewood is where Jay and I stay every time. We recently took Jay’s parents here too, and they loved it.

Andrew Molera (Big Sur Rivermouth) is no secret spot. It’s a nice point/beach break and it takes a mile to hike in with your surfboard. This helps keep the crowds away.

A generous local showed us how to avoid making that mile hike for a 6 inch wave. Simply turn off the Highway onto Coast Road. You’ll need to go pretty slowly as this dirt road has got a lot of huge bumps and holes in it.

Once you get up there, it will look just like this. This is your perch spot with a view to the south.

And from the same spot is the view of Andrew Molera. (There is a campground here, too). This is when you’ll need to take out your binoculars.

With binoculars, you’ll get a much better view than this. But you can tell that you’d be able to get a pretty good idea of what’s going on that day so you can decide on whether to make the hike in or not.

Happy surfing and happy summer adventures to you!

I am super excited because a high school swimming pool near my house opens to the public next Monday and I can work on my paddle fitness during my lunch break. I love swimming so much! I also love shave ice and have serious cravings every summer – can you believe they don’t have any around where I live? I am seriously considering getting a shave ice machine. But first, I’ll need to spend about a week in Hawaii, learning how to make the best ones from a local who will let me apprentice, and then I can surf in Waikiki every morning and afternoon as my reward. That’s what I told Jay this morning. He laughed but somewhere inside, he knows I am serious.

Lots of love…JW

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