Surfers carve gnarly waves


– BIG AND BOLD: Bruce Irons rides the monster during a lay day at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Irons was one of many professionals who flew in for the enormous waves. Photo: KIRSTIN SCHOLTZ

Surfers carve gnarly waves

AUSTRALIA’S world No.1 Joel Parkinson described the scenes at Teahupoo yesterday as the “craziest” he’s ever seen during his many years coming to the powerful Tahitian break.

The surf became so dangerous, the Tahitian government issued a ‘code red’, blocking day eight of the Billabong Pro from starting as waves up to nine metres battered the tiny village.

“It feels like it’s going to get bigger and bigger throughout the day,” Parkinson said.

“I would hate to go out there. I was enjoying watching but that was it. I saw three or four of the most hideous wipeouts that

I’ve ever seen. Guaranteed, it’s the craziest I’ve seen it.”
One local surfer was taken to hospital with a suspected broken leg while others have been smashed into the reef and suffered bad cuts.

Australians Koby Abberton, Laurie Towner, Dean Morrison and Dylan Longbottom were enjoying being towed into the monsters as were Hawaiians Kalani Chapman and Vaj Lederer.

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