Video: Record breaking daredevil surfs 40ft wave in a kayak



Video: Record breaking daredevil surfs 40ft wave in a kayak

12th Mar 2012 12:54pm | By Editor


nconventional daredevil Tao Berman may well have broken the world record for surfing a 40ft wave, not with a surfboard but with a kayak. A video showing the extreme adventurer taking on massive waves off the coast of Oregon in the USA has proved to be a big hit online.

“I’ve always admired what big wave surfers can do and it got me thinking, I wonder how it would work if I had a kayak and actually tried to surf those waves, and that’s how it all began,” he said.


Berman, who normally takes on inland white water kayak challenges, decided that the time had come to head out to sea and take on a new challenge – and now plans to retire from paddling.

“My kayaking career is in the white water department not in the ocean department and I got to a point where I’ve accomplished everything that I wanted in my sport so I knew I needed something new,” the Red Bull-sponsored paddler said.

US magazine Sports Illustrated labelled the extreme sportsman “the best-known kayaker on the planet”


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