World Record Big Wave Surfer – "I Have Superhuman Underwater Survival Abilities"



World Record Big Wave Surfer – I Have Superhuman Underwater Survival Abilities



He already holds the world record for surfing the biggest wave on the planet at 90 feet (below) — but pro surfer Garrett McNamara still thinks he can shatter it … with his incredible customized oxygen-enhanced wetsuit.

Garrett tells TMZ, the suit was enhanced with a special oxygen pocket developed by Camelback — the water canteen company — designed to hold a small oxygen reserve in the suit’s lining, allowing McNamara to breathe oxygen underwater through a straw.

According to Garrett, the suit would give him several extra minutes of survival in case a massive wave buries him below the surface — and in those situations, minutes can save a life.

McNamara tells us, he’s currently looking to break his 90-foot wave record with the new suit — hunting down a 120-footer in Nazare, Portugal … where the biggest waves in the world break…


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