6-year-old boy survives shark attack on Miami beach after bystanders fight off killer fish #SurfReport #Florida



The child, Logan Hamby – of Dadeville, Alabama – was playing in the water when his parents, Kenneth and Donna Hamby, heard him scream for help. A 4-foot-6 shark was attached to his leg and trying to pull him in the water – but a pair of good Samaritans jumped in and helped pull the boy free.


A 6-year-old boy survived a shark attack in Miami. The child escaped from the killer fish (not the one pictured) after a pair of bystanders helped pull him free.

A 6-year-old boy was attacked by a shark while vacationing with his family in Miami — but child miraculously survived after a pair of strangers fought off the killer fish, according to a report.

The little boy, Logan Hamby — of Dadeville, Alabama — was wading in the knee-high waters just a few feet away from his parents, Kenneth and Donna Hamby, when they heard their son scream, the family told the Alex City Outlook.

“I immediately started getting up,” the father told the paper. “I thought it was a jellyfish.”

But as he approached his son, he saw a shark fin suddenly surface near his frantic son.

The father then spotted the mouth of the 4-foot-6 shark clamped around Logan’s leg and the creature was feverishly trying to drag the child under the water.

“When he went under that second time, the shark was pulling him out,” Kenneth Hamby said. “Three seconds later, I don’t know if I could have saved him.”

Kenneth latched onto his son as the boy’s mother tried to pry open the shark’s mouth.

But she was pushed aside by a pair of good Samaritans, Chris Wilson and Antonio Ruiz, after they jumped into the water and started to pummel the determined fish — punching its head before it finally let go.

“It was terrifying,” Donna Hamby said. “It all happened so fast, but in my mind it was like everything was in slow motion. It was like my limbs couldn’t move fast enough.”

The parents wrapped their bleeding child’s leg with a T-shirt before emergency workers arrived a few minutes later.

Logan was taken to a hospital, where doctors stitched up five deep puncture wounds from the nasty bite.

It was not immediately clear when the attack happened, but the little boy was still bandaged when he spoke to the newspaper on Friday.

The family almost canceled a fishing cruise planned for the next day, but Logan — an avid fisherman — insisted they still take the trip.

He showed no fear for the sea despite the shark attack.

“He is back to fishing and everything is back to normal,” his father told the newspaper.

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