Kite-surfer dies in freak accident at WA’s Cottesloe Beach #Kite


ABCUpdated September 24, 2013, 8:54 am

The Kite-Surfing Association of WA says the death of a man at Cottesloe Beach on Sunday afternoon appears to have been caused by a freak sequence of events.

Marc Sprod, 50, was coming ashore when he apparently tripped near the water’s edge and was launched into the air by his kite.

Onlookers tried desperately to hold Mr Sprod down but a second gust of wind dragged him up the beach into a tree, before slamming him into a bollard on Marine Parade.

Efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

The association’s president Darren Ellis says the tragedy will be investigated.

“Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends,” he said.

“The community is quite tight-knit and at this stage we’re still trying to process what’s actually happened.

“From initial reports, it does appear to be some freak accident where a freak gust of wind has just carried him up and he’s been critically injured, and then passed away.

“It’s just unfortunate it was a gust of wind coupled with something else, with something else and the next thing he’s been critically injured and subsequently passes away.”

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