2012 Cardiff Kook calendar released


2012 Cardiff Kook calendar released

ENCINITAS — 2011 has been quite the year for the Cardiff Kook.

Over the last several months, the bronze statue of a boy learning to surf has been festooned as the Surfing Madonna, Oprah, and swooped down on by a Pterodactyl, to name a few outfits.

Those who want to relive those pranks in 2012 can do so with a calendar featuring the statue in its various forms, created by Leucadian Fred Caldwell. This is the second year of the item featuring the oft-maligned statue, technically called “Magic Carpet Ride.”

Caldwell, who owns a print shop in Encinitas, collected photos of the Kook throughout the year in preparation for the calendar, released this month.

The calendar is available at several Encinitas locations, including Seaside Market and Coast Highway Traders, as well as the Oceanside Surf Museum. The item costs $14, and some of the proceeds will be divided among three charities: Fill-a-Belly; the National Breast Cancer Foundation; and Allie’s Smiles. Caldwell said $2,000 was donated to nonprofits from sales in 2011…

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