Big shark clears out Manly beaches



Big shark clears out Manly beaches

3 Apr 12 @ 04:52pm by Andrew Priestley

The shark alarm was raised at North Steyne today. This picture is of a shark found at Avalon last year.

A SHARK sighting saw swimmers clear the surf from Manly to Queenscliff today.

The ocean predator was estimated to be between two to three metres long and was spotted by a young surfer just north of the North Steyne Surf Life Saving Club about 3.30pm.

The young man left the water, rushed up the beach and reported the shark to the lifeguard on duty.

The shaken paddler guessed the size of the shark after seeing the animal swim near him.

Lifeguards at North Steyne, Queenscliff and Manly then raised the alarm with an announcement over the beach’s PA system, advising swimmers to leave the water.

Details of the shark were sketchy. There was no information on its species…


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