Blue Steel: Ben Stiller and wife Christine Hamilton Surf in Hawaii

Zoolander getting the gnar!


From Blue Steel to Blue Crush: Surf’s up for Ben Stiller and wife Christine Hamilton as they take to the waves with his n hers boards

By Holly Thomas

Last updated at 7:07 PM on 17th August 2011

It’s the current celeb water sport of choice, and it seems Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor can’t get enough of the Hawaiian waves.

The energetic pair looked as like old hands as they rode their matching boards.

Ben seemed to be taking things a little more seriously than his wife, his expression of intense concentration a far cry from his trademark ‘Blue Steel’ look made famous by his 2001 hit film Zoolander.

The couple are on holiday with their Ella, nine, and Quinlin, six, to celebrate Christine’s 40th birthday.

Surfing appears to be a hot option for celebrities this summer, with Lindsey Lohan, David Beckham, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Helen Hunt just a few of the famous names hitting the waves.

And both Ben, 45, and Christine, 40, looked more than up to the challenge, handling their boards with casual ease.

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