Experts race to solve shark attack in Seychelles

Dunno what there is to solve, I think it’s called nature…


Experts race to solve shark attack

As we wait for the results of the investigation into the incident in which a tourist of French origin died after he was attacked by a shark at Anse Lazio on Praslin, the people of Seychelles would like to sympathize with the family of the deceased. The news shocked the nation as it was the first time that anyone had died from a shark attack in Seychelles.

As soon as local experts mainly from Environment, Marine Park and the Seychelles Coast Guards learned about the incident they raced to that area to determine what could have happened.
It is very important that the authority establish the cause for the attack.
Some people say it could very well be a migratory shark that has somehow ended up in our waters or while others say the explanation is simple; the shark was hungry thus attacked the tourist.

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