Great white shark feared to be in English Channel


Great white shark feared to be in English Channel

by Steve Myall, Daily Mirror 5/11/2011

A GREAT white shark was last night feared to be in the English Channel after another man-eater was savaged.

A 5ft blue shark washed up on a beach had a giant bite mark, suggesting it had been attacked by an even bigger predator.

A dog walker who discovered the dead shark sent pictures to experts who said it could have been attacked by a Jaws-like killer.

Vet nurse Nikki Lambert, 27, who found it on Camber Sands in East Sussex and emailed photos to the Marine Conservation Society, said: ““It had a hole just behind its flipper through which you could see its internal organs.

“I was told that the only animals who would attack a blue shark like this would be a great white shark or a killer whale.

“But I suppose it’s possible the wound was made after it was dead by a dog or birds.”

Blue sharks, which can grow to 12ft and have killed humans…

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