PHOTO: Great White Shark Off Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf!


Shark sightings abound on Central Coast

A woman visiting the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf over the weekend photographed two kayackers paddling near the fin of a shark just off the pier. Provided photo.

Written by
Andy Stiny

As if more proof were needed after last weekend’s great white shark attack near Marina that they are out there, a tourist snapped a photo Monday of a shark next to a kayaker off Santa Cruz.

Kathy Lolmaugh and her daughter, Shannon, of Sacramento, were on a long weekend. They went to the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf for whale watching and instead got a whale of a tale. They had already heard media reports of Saturday’s Marina attack.

Her daughter alerted Kathy Lolmaugh to some movement in the water off the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and she zoomed-in with her digital camera.

“I just started shooting pictures and when I got home … my granddaughter said ‘that’s not a whale, that’s a shark,'” she said.

“Whoever was in that kayak was very fortunate because I think they were very close to a shark attack.”

In addition to the Marina attack in which Monterey surfer Eric Tarantino was bitten in the neck and arm, other recent shark sightings include:

ª A professional surfer left in the middle of a heat on Tuesday after spotting a shark during a competition off San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

ª A great white shark estimated at 15 feet-long was photographed two weeks ago from a helicopter off Seacliff State Beach near Santa Cruz.

ª An 8- to 10-foot shark — which…

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