PHOTOS: Shark Attack in Northern California

Whoa! This dude had an angel on his shoulder!


Pacific Coast Shark News 2011

Samoa Beach — On September 11, 2011Benjie Rose was surfing 40 yards from shore at Samoa Beach at the Power Poles break just across the bridge from Eureka. There were several surfers in close proximity to Rose with one surfer, David, only a few feet away. It was 12:20 PM and he had been on the water about 45 minutes. Air and water temperatures were estimated at 70 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. The sky was clear with little or no breeze. The ocean was calm with 4 – 5 foot surf over water 8 feet deep with a sandy bottom and scattered sandbars. No marine mammals or kelps were observed in the area. A slightly deeper channel is located inside of the sandbars. Rose reported; “I was sitting on my board waiting for a wave when all of a sudden I felt a hard impact on my board directly from below. I briefly saw the shark’s tail submerge right after the impact. I turned, my board was still in one piece, and began paddling for shore, a wave came quickly and I surfed it on my belly, came to a deep water channel inside of the sand bar and paddled across it, caught another small wave and my board broke into two pieces. I got to the sandy beach as fast as possible. A couple of guys on a sand dune saw the shark impact me and said it knocked me up in the air. I was pretty freaked out but only had a bloody nose. I think it occurred when the shark impacted my board…

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