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Brown days in SD, keep your mouths closed bruthas!



Sewage Flowed into Local Waters without Notice: Report

After 2 million gallon spill, millions more may have flowed through Tijuana River

By Lauren Steussy and Paul Krueger
|  Thursday, Apr 12, 2012  |  Upd
Sewage Flowed into Ocean, No Notice: Report
ated 5:05 PM PDT

A sewage spill in a San Ysidro treatment plant may have caused millions of gallons of sewage to flow through the Tijuana River into a public beach.

Typically, surfers and swimmers are notified of any potential contamination in public waters.

However on April 4, a spill in San Ysidro made its way to Imperial Beach unbeknownst to the surfers who frequent the beach, according to our media partners, who broke the story.

The spill was caused by a software malfunction in the treatment plant, an engineer for International Boundary and Water Commission told NBC San Diego.

Raw sewage and runoff water spilled in the plant for three hours before any of the workers realized, the plant’s engineer said.

The spill flooded parts of the plant’s system, which filters about 25 million gallons of Tijuana sewage. As a result…

More at Source: Sewage Flowed into Local Waters without Notice: Report | NBC San Diego



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