Surfer's close brush with a shark at Terrigal


Mel Draper was out in the water on his paddle board at Terrigal on Sunday afternoon when he had a close encounter with a shark.

Surfer’s close brush with a shark at Terrigal

3 May 12 @ 11:54am by Alicia McCumstie

WHEN Mel Draper took his new paddle board out for a ride he knew it would be a memorable moment.

But what should have been a leisurely Sunday paddling session quickly took a turn for the worse when he noticed a shark swimming in his direction.

Although sharks are often spotted off Avoca and Copacabana beaches, Mr Draper said this was the first time he had encountered a shark at Terrigal.

“I picked up my new stand-up paddle board on Sunday and so I took it out for the first time for a paddle with my brother,” a shaken Mr Draper said.

“It was about 4.45pm and we were only a couple of hundred metres off Terrigal Beach when all of a sudden I looked down at the water and this shark popped up within arm’s reach.

“I’m a pretty experienced surfer and although I don’t know what type of shark it was for sure, I have seen a few grey nurse sharks and wobbegongs out near The Haven when I have been spear-fishing.”

He added: “I had never seen a shark that close to Terrigal before.”

The Terrigal surfer was understandably shaken, especially…

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