Surfing’s storm boys



Surfing’s storm boys


Ross Clarke-Jones comes a cropper off Shipstern Bluff.

Nick Carroll

It took a snowy day off the south-east coast of Tasmania for Justin McMillan to truly appreciate his new partners in – well, if not crime, at least crazy spectacle. That was four years ago and McMillan, who has just finished the final edit on the movie Storm Surfers 3D, was working on the TV series of the same name. He was trying to capture the essence of surfers Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll and their half-comic, seemingly irrepressible big-wave adventures, but the storyline wasn’t quite clicking. Then the team’s surf forecaster Ben Matson saw a storm approaching from the south. “It was like, this thing looks really ugly but the surf’ll be big,” recalls McMillan. “We’ll go down and have a look and, if the guys think it’s OK, they might have a go.”


Two days before the shoot…


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