Teen in Coma After Skateboarding Accident Filming Stunt for Daytime TV Show ‘Anderson Cooper’


Teen in Coma After Accident Filming Stunt for Daytime TV Show ‘Anderson’

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10/05/2011 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

New York, NY — A teenager is in a coma after being injured while video recording a stunt on his skateboard for an episode of Anderson Cooper’s daytime television show “Anderson,” reported the Gawker.

According to reports, the teen was booked by the television show to appear on an episode about how the adolescent mind works, based on a National Geographic story. Apparently, the teen was “encouraged” by the producer to “go out and ‘film the crazy stuff you do,” the Gawker reported.

The teen then filmed himself skateboarding when he fell and suffered a severe brain injury.

A statement made by Anderson’s rep was released by the Gawker, commenting on the injury: “Our producers were working with a teen and his parents on a show about the science of the Teenage Brain, which based on a National Geographic story. As part of our routine process, we ask guests for video footage and photos. We did not provide the family with a camera. On the morning that they were supposed to travel to NYC, we learned that the teen had been injured. We are very concerned about him, and are thinking of him and his family at this time.”

Anderson Cooper is also expressing sadness over the injury: “I was very saddened to hear the news…

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