The incredible moment a pro surfer performed a rare backflip off the North Shore of Hawaii captured on video @gabrielmedinaaa #SurfReport



By John Clarke

PUBLISHED:17:38 EST, 27 November 2012| UPDATED:17:43 EST, 27 November 2012

Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina pulled off a flawless and rare backflip maneuver off Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii last week that quite possibly could push his sport to a whole new level.

‘Today I pulled the most crazy aerial backflip of my entire life,’ Medina, 18, toldSurfer Todayafter the trick. ‘I still don’t believe I’ve completed it.’

The Brazilian received inspiration from fellow surfer Flynn Novak and his trademark ‘Flynnstone Flip.’

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Ready: Gabriel Medina points his surfboard to the crest of wave, preparing to do a backflip


Set: Mr Medina launches off the wave, propelling himself into the air while holding his surfboard


Go: Mr Medina holds tight while he barrels through his backflip


Now, some in the sports world are saying Medina’s move has raised the bar of the sport to new level, similar to what freestyle skier Jonny Moseley did with his infamous and controversial ‘dinner roll’ trick.

With that trick, an off-axle flip, Moseley lifted the difficulty of jumps performed during competition. Now, off-axle flips are standard on the slopes.

Both the surfing press and the leading champ surfer Kelly Slatetr have labelled Medina as ‘the next big thing.’ he’s also been called ‘giant killer,’ ‘wunderkid,’ and ‘the future.’

To Medina, however, he’s just pleased with pulling off the trick.

‘I just landed in best air of my life!!!,’ he tweeted immediately after.

Landing: Mr Medina sticks a perfect landing after completing the backflip


Home: With the backflip complete, Mr Medina heads to shore


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