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Top surfers to compete at Hurley Pro

The San Clemente-based action brand to host surf competition at San Onofre State Beach.

By Young Kim Published: September 07, 2011 11:26 AM

San Clemente-based action brand, Hurley is set to host the 2011 Hurley Pro, one of the ASP World Tour events on U.S. Mainland shores, at San Onofre State Beach on September 18-24. Surfers currently in the world title race will be competing at this event including current leader Joel Parkinson from Australia and South African Jordy Smith who is in second by a narrow margin. Kelly Slater, ten-time world champion and 2010 Hurley Pro winner, will also be attending as he is still in the hunt for his 11th world title. The competition will feature a 32-man field along with four wildcard surfers.

Surfing fans and all sports enthusiasts can follow the action online through the webcasts. Thee event will be shot in multiple camera angles and water cams that will give viewers a birds-eye view of the competition and exclusive behind-the-scenes moments. The Hurley Pro will also have an official App for iPhone and iPad, bringing the live event to the users’ hands.

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