Vans HIC Pro Sunset Beach Hawaii LIVE FEED ON NOW! Triple Crown of Surfing #SurfReport

Van’s HIC Pro Sunset Beach Hawaii LIVE FEED ON NOW!

“Official Trailer for the Vans World Cup in the 2011 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing”

ROUND OF 64 Results
Heats 1-14 held today. Heats 15 & 16 tomorrow.
All surfers from Hawaii unless stated otherwise.
Surfers listed in order of 1st through 4th.
H1: Joel Centeio; Makai McNamara; Cheyne Willis; Matt Pagan (USA)
H2: Robert Patterson (USA); Flynn Novak; Jared Thorne (USA); Stephan Figueiredo (Brz)
H3: Kamalei Alexander; Ian Walsh; Britton Galland (USA); Dege O’Connell
H4: Kahea Hart; Alex Smith; Rainos Hayes; Love Hodel
H5: Hank Gaskell; Albee Layer; Eli Olson; Taj Tucker (USA)
H6: Kaimana Jaquias; Jonah Morgan; Dane Anderson (USA); Olamana Eleogram
H7: Jesse Merle-Jones; Taylor Thorne (USA); Sam Orozco (USA); Nelson Sadoy
H8: Billy Kemper; Mikey Bruneau; Liam McNamara; Edrick Baldwin
H9: Ian Gentil; Jack Perry (AUS); Kalani David; Micah Moniz
H10: Eala Stewart; Tyler Newton; Koa Smith; Jason Shibata
H11: Chris Foster; Manuel Selman (Chile); Richie Collins (USA); Ezra Sitt
H12: Pancho Sullivan; Michael O’Shaugnessy (USA); Sean Moody; Keala Naihe
H13: TJ Barron; Danny Fuller; Nils Schweizer (USA); Brad Ettinger (USA)
H14: Makuakai Rothman; Ezekiel Lau; Alexander Gray (USA); Peyton Chidester

Watch the live feed on right now!:

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