Video: Kelly Slater Surfs Malibu’s Huge Surf (From This Weeks Swell) #SurfReport

Always a party in Malibu…


Slater Surfs Malibu’s Huge Surf

Friday, September 2, 2011 10:50 AM PDT

In Malibu this week, California waves reached out of the ordinary heights. Surfers grabbed their boards to catch the waves that are rocking Malibu. At Surfrider Beach the waves reached as high as 5 feet to 12 feet, bringing a crowd of enthusiastic spectators who cheered the surfers on.

The massive waves also brought out the pros, including legendary surfer Kelly Slater. Slater, a ten-time Association of Surfing Professional World Champion, arrived shortly before dusk Thursday. Only days ago, Slater won the 2011 Billybong Pro Tahiti.

The surfers didn’t let the setting sun deter them form waiting for that perfect wave… they continued well into the evening.

For the full Malibu surf report go here:

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One thought on “Video: Kelly Slater Surfs Malibu’s Huge Surf (From This Weeks Swell) #SurfReport

  1. Don’t ever talk about surfing in the evening. Let the experts figure it out, not the amateurs for heaven’s sake going hell. Listen to Slater and do what is best.  It’s four times as dangerous so when there’s 15 people out it’s like 60 in the day time. Some corporate kook was there a few nights ago calling it “World Class Break” but if I was quick I would have said “not for the whole world to know”! They are trying to sell Malibu and all of surfing with no regards to the overcrowding and danger they cause and they do nothing to promote fixing up surf reefs.  The world has better waves anywhere anyways and that’s why they pretend SoCal has it when it almost does but doesn’t. I was there that night and it sucked because for Malibu it got a 6.9 and you can tell that most of the waves were closing after not long. So STOP the hype. Alarm all other websites to knock it off too. You have ruined it with danger, let alone, inspiring young fools to go out. I didn’t ever surf then until at least 10 years of hardcore experience and suddenly young beginners are out there with Dad. It’s dumb, it’s ruined. It reminds me of all the Real Estate hype that just ended up turning out bad for most people.

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