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Mission Beach closed again because of shark sighting

Lifeguards have closed Mission Beach in San Diego for a second consecutive day Friday after a surfer spotted what might have been a great white shark. On Thursday, a lifeguard spotted an 18-inch dorsal fin belonging to what he presumed to be a “moderately sized” white shark, perhaps 10-15 feet long. (Fox 5 news video, above, was after the first sighting.)

A two-mile stretch of ocean, between lifeguard tower 19 to the north and the jetty to the south, will be closed to swimmers and surfers all day.

That’s probably a wise decision but the shark, if it’s still along the coast, could easily be beyond that two-mile stretch.

Juvenile white sharks, measuring to about 10 feet, utilize Southern California coastal waters as a feeding areas. They prey on fishes and smaller sharks.

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