Rock Band ‘The Cult’ Announce Death From Below Surfboard #Music #UK




The Cult announced on Friday that they are releasing an Apocalypse Now inspired “Death From Below” surfboard to coincide with their Electric 13 world tour.

The band published these comments, assumed to be from frontman Ian Astbury, to explain how the band’s classic “Electric” album ties in with the classic Vietnam War film.

“‘Apocalypse Now’ was a huge influence on the Electric album. Many of the songs such as LRM [Love Removal Machine] and Peace Dog feature Apocalypse Now influences.

“After seeing Apocalypse Now I became fascinated with the sub cultures that existed during the Vietnam War, especially the scenes that focused on Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore’s love of surfing and his iconic surf board.

“Surfer culture during the Vietnam War has always been a great muse to me, the idea of a culture so free and expressive in the violent and oppressive environment of a war zone is such a great symbol of man’s desire to master his environment and coexist with nature.

“The board had become an object of desire, I always wanted to own one. So we created the Death From Below / Surf Cult version.”

The announcement on their Facebook labeled it as an Australian release. Read more details about the board and see a photo of it here.

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