Surfers need Surfboards to Surf

A week before we opened Surfy Surfy Surf Shop a rep from an import surfboard company burst through the door uninvited. He gave me the hard sell on carrying his low cost/low quality pop-out surfboards. When I explained the concept and the mission of Surfy Surfy, that we were here to give a venue to skilled local and underground shapers, he scoffed and said it would never work.
Forward 5 months later and we have pretty much sold through our entire stock of Bob Harvey surfboards. Who, you ask? Bob Harvey is an under-underground shaper from Carlsbad who has been handshaping clean boards for decades. His user friendly designs and affordable shaping fee have been a big hit in the shop.
This one is a clean single wing 7’0″ Big Guy Quad Fish. 21 1/2″ wide and 2 7/8″ thick. Cool blue and black resin swirl tint by Gary Stuber on the bottom with snappy pinlines on the deck by Peter St Pierre. 5/4 oz glassing for quality. The handy Lokbox fin system allows for travel and fin placement adjustments. Finish it off with a gloss and polish and you get a lot of board at a good price.

Surfers making quality surfboards for their fellow surfers is what Surfy Surfy is all about. Thanks for the support!

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