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Surfers need Surfboards to Surf

A week before we opened Surfy Surfy Surf Shop a rep from an import surfboard company burst through the door uninvited. He gave me the hard sell on carrying his low cost/low quality pop-out surfboards. When I explained the concept and the mission of Sur…

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Oahu Surf Report #SurfReport

friend of mine is in Fiji this week. took the following photos of Cloudbreak today (or tomorrow, if you care about the dateline). dunno who the surfers are:

Reno Abellira – InnerViews

Few have contributed as much to the innovation and performance to modern surfing than Reno. Learning the art of shaping in his teens with Hawaiian legend Dick Brewer before working at Lightning Bolt surfboards, he applied his understanding of board design to the big and hollow waves of Oahu. Through the […]