New Surf Product – "Wave Cave" the ingenious surfboardbag/tent

It’s actually a killer concept. There were many times I could have used one of these, lord knows I’ve slept in my boardbag on more then one occasion and a tent would have been a million times more comfortable. Plus when you are hiking any kind of distance streamlining what you bring with you is a must, The Wave Cave kills 2 birds with one stone…


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August 01, 2011 | Words By: Chris S

A few weeks ago I was sent a link to a preview for a product which is soon to be released in the UK. Intrigued, I found myself on the homepage of the Wave Cave, and a few days later I found myself unwrapping the test model. I headed to the coast for a surf and a test run.

The concept of the Wave Cave is simplistic brilliance – a surfboard bag which also doubles up as a tent.

After grabbing some lines at my local longboarding spot, I headed to the nearby dunes to grab some shots and see what the Wave Cave had to offer..

I hadn’t thought about asking for some instructions or even looking at the site for some clues, however constructing the Wave Cave was as simple as the concept itself – within a minute or so it was up and pegged in – a couple of zips and it was done.

For the full review and all the photos, go here:

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